About Me

What’s Up! I am Liviti -Artist(Writer, Producer, Designer)

Liviti is a Reggae / HipHop artist. Born in St. Catherine , Jamaica but raised in Bronx, NY. He’s the son of legendary Reggae artist Ansel Cridland of The Meditations. Liviti’s love for music begun at home. First with his dad giving him and his siblings a personal song, that were only sung by them, with each having their own part to sing. And secondly with his uncle Delroy, who was a underground dancehall artist at the time, with the ability to create a new song, on the spot with any topic you could throw at him. This had a major impact on Liviti, who would take mental notes and study his uncle’s lyrical style and delivery.

Fast forward to 2006, where Liviti had created a buzz on MySpace. His playlist at the time had garnered 2 million plays, which lead him to recording a mixtape titled “ Street Life “ , of which he took to the streets and gave away for free.

With the fear of being sued for recording on beats that he had downloaded off of YouTube, though not making a dime off of any of the music. Liviti decided to delete all copies of the mixtape and vowed to never again record on a beat that he had no ownership of or at least the license to use. After a few disappointing visits to a local recording studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Liviti decided to step back, take a break and go back to the drawing board.

Everything changed in 2008, after a visit back home to New York City, where he was accompanying his father to legendary writer and producer Wayne “ Sleng Teng “ Smith recording studio in The Bronx. During this visit he expressed his desires to work on his own material and Wayne gave him copies of the software and plugs that he needed to get started. This couldn’t had been more perfect, because prior to that visit, Liviti had already been buying and storing the hardware to build a recording studio. In 2010, Wayne Smith also produced Liviti’s official first single, a song called “ Guns “ featuring Liviti’s cousin Courtney Cridland who goes by the stage name Mr. Garrison. This song was not released until July of 2011.

The interesting part of this is that by 2012 Liviti was all geared up to work on a Reggae / dancehall EP.  However, one of his brother’s were venturing into the production side of Hiphop. Upon hearing one of the rough drafts of a rap beat his brother was working on. He immediately heard the potentials of the instrumental. The beat needed work, so along with his girlfriend who also had a passion for music and who was also learning the painstaking job of an engineer. They purchased the beat and made adjustments to it. Upon hearing the finish product, Liviti wrote a song called “ What You’re Afraid Of” and released it in February of 2013.

After the release of “ What You’re Afraid Of ”. Liviti had developed an underground following . This prompted the artist to shaft his focus and record his first full length Hiphop album titled “ This Is Life “, which were released in February of 2014. This album literally turned him into a world traveler. Performing on stages in Europe to Festivals in South Africa. In 2016 Liviti wrote and produced a follow up Hiphop album titled “ For Tomorrow Revolution “. This album is his most successful project so far. Racking up hundreds of 5 star ratings on iTunes and Out selling all previous releases. In 2018 he finally recorded and released his first official Reggae Ep , titled “ Perception”. All songs were written and produced by Liviti, except for the last song on the EP, called “ The Job Is Yours To Do”, which were produced by his father. Currently he’s writing and working on new material.